Talents Philosophy

Talents Philosophy:Only promote those with talents,equipped with virtue and talent ,make sure that  each one's ability is full play and make the best possible use of the talent.
The human resource is the most valuable and most dynamic resources of Texong  Chemistry , it is the source of value creation , and also is the strategic resources that maintain and develop the sustainable competitiveness of company.

Only use those with talents:Continued to broaden the channels of talent introduction and selection ,discover, cultivate, exercise, and make a bold use of  talent , form a powerful team, to provide renewable power for enterprise’s development .

Equipped with virtue and talent:Put those with virtue and talent in an important position;cultivate those with virtue yet no talent;don’t use those neither with virtue nor talent;set ourself against use those with talent yet no virtue.

Fully play each one's ability:Unearthing each employee’s flash points, giving full play to each employee's strengths, integrating of human resources, to promote enterprise step into the fast track of healthy development.

Make the best possible use of the talent: Has a sharp nose for each employee's personalities and characteristics, people will be placed in the proper position,  the staff’s advantages be applied to the most suitable work.